Peter Pan Audiobook - Chapters 13-17

When the children emerge from their trees, they step right into the arms of the pirates. They are flung from pirate to pirate and then gagged while Wendy, who comes up last, is taken by Hook himself. The only one who remains safe below is Peter, who has no reason to believe that the children have not left to go find Wendy’s mother. Hook slips down into the home to find Peter fast asleep. Let’s listen and find out if children still believe in fairies. If they do, maybe Tinkerbell can save the day.


Each audio chapter comes with a ready-made worksheet that includes a summary, a vocabulary list, comprehension questions, a discussion/writing question and a fun activity.

Story by J.M. Barrie
Read by Tara Benwell

Cover by Inga Hampton @Inga_Hampton

5 PDF and 5 MP3
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