Peter Pan Audiobook - Chapters 1-6

In Chapter 1, we meet the Darling Family. This includes Mr. and Mrs. Darling, their daughter Wendy, and their sons, Michael and John. We also meet their dog Nana who lives in the nursery and acts as their caretaker.

When we are introduced to Wendy, she is just a young girl. Her mother doesn't want her to grow up. "Oh why can't you remain like this forever?" Mrs. Darling asks.

But of course, all children grow up. All except one. Let's meet Peter Pan. If we're good, maybe he'll take us for a flight to Neverland.


Each audio chapter comes with a ready-made worksheet that includes a summary, a vocabulary list, comprehension questions, a discussion/writing question and a fun activity.

Story by J.M. Barrie
Read by Tara Benwell

Cover by Inga Hampton @Inga_Hampton

6 PDF and 6 MP3
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